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Q-Interline establishes a subsidiary company in France – the country of cheese

Q-Interline now officially established a subsidiary company in one of the largest European food and dairy markets. The establishment of the subsidiary company in France – Q-Interline SARL – has been signed according to the plan and we are in the process of employee recruitment.

Q-Interline already delivered an in-line analysis solution InSight Pro to the largest dairy in the world with headquarters in France. The dairy uses InSight Pro for standardisation of their production of milk used for cheese-making and whey protein concentrate (WPC) by getting a precise measurement of fat, protein, and dry matter.

The strategy for establishing Q-Interline SARL is primarily to get closer to and expand the collaboration with our existing large customers in France. Secondly, the strategy is to get closer to the more than 800 small local dairies and to one of Europe’s largest segments for food production.  

Currently the official address of Q-Interline SARL is with the attorney’s office (Grant Thornton in Neuilly sur Seine). The plan is for Q-Interline’s office to be established in the area of Bretagne or Normandy. This area hosts many dairies and food production companies which are our main customer segment.

“Being the mother of cheese makers, France is truly an exciting European market to establish our next Q-Interline subsidiary in. We already have several large and important customers in France, to whom we wish to get closer to and expand our collaboration with. Besides this, France has many small local dairies and food production companies, and this comprises a huge customer potential for our at-line and in-line FT-NIR analyser solutions. In a country like France, it is important to be close to the customers for language and cultural reasons, particularly to win the smaller customers”, says CEO Martin R. Henriksen.

And he continues, “Especially for the small and specialised French dairies it is essential to have a consistent and homogenous production of high quality. The product must taste the same every time. Instead of waiting several days for the analysis results from external laboratories the local dairies can analyse and control the production continuously with Q-Interline’s FT-NIR plug and play analysis solution.”

Besides the newly established subsidiary in France Q-Interline has a subsidiary in Germany.

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